If you are ready to step up your paper game the fountain pen stands as the most iconic writing tool. From vintage models to modern examples, the fountain pen transforms the monotonous task into an indulgence activity.

My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane.

Graham Greene


English Novelist

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Best Fountain Ink Pen In 2020


LAMY 2000



Montblanc Le Grand 146



Pilot Vanishing Point


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Why fountain pens are better than ballpoint?

Writing with a fountain pen is somewhat a form of art, hence getting a handwritten thank you note or wishing note by fountain pen is uniquely pleasurable rather than typed one.

However, the ballpoint pen is on the mainstream nowadays, it’s used widely just because of economical price and convenient usability to meet people every day writing needs.

The most debatable topic is, which one is the best Fountain Pen or Ball Pen? Some discussion is given below.

Fountain pens considerate a statement of prestige and perception. As an emblem of status fountain pens compliments your penchant for your important signature.

Ballpoint pen needs pressure and produces stress in the finger to write thus you will not be able to write for a long period. Whereas Fountain pen is the most practical and effortless tool of writing, especially those who write a lot.

Fountain pen writes smoothly and the most distinct feature is the variety of nibs. However, ballpoint nibs have no variation.

Many types of research show that a fountain pen helps to improve handwriting rather than a ballpoint pen and transforms the monotonous writing into a gratifying activity.

Fountain pen upturn potentiality, many effects can be created through just turning the nib different way of your stroke.

The water-based ink of fountain pens is difficult to wash away and different shades of ink can be used in one pen to allow this more specialty.

Disposable ballpoints are convenient to carry but not Eco-friendlier. Correspondingly a well-maintained fountain pen could be a good investment that lasts long and doesn’t create any wastage.

The 10 Best Fountain Ink Pen for Men in 2020

LAMY introduces this black fountain pen as a classic fashion style. You might feel a lot while writing with a fine nib but easy to embrace.

Its comparable weight is made of black Makrolon fiberglass as well as brushed Stainless Steel. Of course, the 14KT platinum-coated, smooth gold nib is impeccable with a light touch of pen to paper.

The ink cistern delicately absorbs a significant quantity of ink into its body.

LAMY 2000


  • It is incredibly smooth to write with.
  • Lighter than it looks
  • Piston filler holds a lot of ink.
  • Impeccable build quality.


  • Tiny, basically unusable ink window.

If you’re looking for a classic appeal, the Montblanc Le Grand 146 fountain pen is sure to please you. The price of 14k gold with Rhodium Inlay Combination Nib is far higher.

The traditional black resin made of barrel is sure to impress you as well as the high-end look.

Montblanc Le Grand 146


  • Well balanced
  • Good size
  • Wet and juicy nib
  • Classic design


  • Expensive

The revolutionary idea of the pilot always focuses on creative characteristics. The Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen from the brand has passed through a delightful progression of creative technology which makes it the most suitable writing tool.

Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable


  • Incredibly fine line
  • Smooth gold nib.
  • Looks great.
  • Gorgeous


  • It’s a little pricy
  • Clip could get in your way

The contemporary design, elegant arrangements, and highly durable metal body with rhodium accents finish making this pen. The Scribe Sword Fountain pens quality craftsmanship lets you feel special and wonderful writing experience. Brushed stainless steel body fountain pen comes with a pressed and stitched case.

The precise mechanism of medium nib delivers a balance ink flow which gives optimum line thickness therefore, you can control remarkable calligraphy with simplicity. It’s a perfect gift in terms of comfort level and appearance, even get the ultimate satisfaction of the lifetime warranty.

Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable


  • Incredibly fine line
  • Smooth gold nib.
  • Looks great.
  • Gorgeous


  • It’s a little pricy
  • Clip could get in your way

The British Museum Commemoration Fountain Pen by REGAL makes a perfect choice for one who wants a purposeful pen beside a stylish design. 18 KPG medium nib delivers the ink inevitably flows to that point when you touch the nib to paper.

Copper material and a push-type cap assure the durability and trend. Who wants a featherweight fountain pen this is the one due to only weighed 35 grams. The white, orange, black, black and gold clip, red options are there you may choose your preferences.

Regal the British Museum Commemorative Fountain Pen


  • The flow of ink is superb
  • The nib never dries out!
  • Stylish, good feel
  • Decent weight and balance.


  • Ink has a drying-out issue.

The Cross Townsend emanates the quintessence of style and sophistication by classical art coupled with precision technique, which made this the several American President’s choices for. The radiant chrome surface of this fountain pen is detailed with emphasized 23k gold trim and smart pinstriped engraving.

23k gold plated nib, click-off cap and gently fluted grip section features have been designed for a lifespan of the smooth, effortless writing. Premium Cross gift box comes with two ink cartridges and gives a Lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Cross Townsend Medalist Fountain Pen


  • Looks great
  • Feels like your holding a high end pen
  • Decent weight


  • A little unbalanced

The stunning Conway Stewart Raleigh Modena Red fountain pen is inspired by the famous writer Sir Walter Raleigh. Its unique design still preserves the traditional styling of Conway Stewart’s rich heritage.

Red acrylic raisin is polished in the classic stepped design which gives the Conway Raleigh its distinctive look.

Six 9ct gold rings are accented around the cap and barrel. 18ct Flag flexible gold nibs are available in Fine, Medium or Broad widths to have been acclaimed as ‘smooth-as-butter’ writing experience.

Perfectly balanced weight and tremendous sensation make it highly desirable to any fountain pen lovers.

Conway Stewart Raleigh Modena Red


  • Solid 18K gold rings and clip
  • Luxury presentation case
  • Barrel and cap are resin material
  • Cartridge or lever filling system


  • Pen Leaks Ink

The modernized silhouette reflects a determination to achieve absolute transparency to reach the crown of the innovation wave, Carène drives there.

To set the drift for the lifetime, illustrative black PVD with blue lacquer and palladium plated edges crafts influential shape creates an outstanding contrast of pure sophistication.

The magnificent integrated nib of the fountain pen is rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib, the unique WATERMAN design. This Contemporary Blue Obsession Gunmetal CT Fountain Pen is truly an obsession for any occasion gifts.

Waterman Carène Contemporary Blue Obsession Gunmetal


  • Great value for money
  • Great design and well presented
  • Looks sophisticated and modern


  • Nib liking issues

This newest invention by Dryden is likewise distinctive modern, clean and savvy formation. Every time you twist off the cap can distinctively express your own style and creative finesse.

Weight –comfort ratio, refined nib, constant ink flow, innovative ergo-comfort technology will take you to the next level fountain pen user.

You will appreciate its magnificence as your pen slithers effortlessly on paper. A comprehensive gift bundle of a trendy pen with the fine nib, free converter and luxury pen box within your budget.



  • Perfect size and weight
  • Great value
  • Smooth and Silky


  • Ink issues

The excellent craftsmanship shines the design into Parker’s Duofold Classic Black pen making throughout and executed a symbol of superiority since 1921.

The illustrative design of the ace inscribed in 18-carat solid gold trim fine nib With Rhodium Finish.

Velvet black Cast Acrylic body polished through precious metal, 23K Gold Plated Trim, Ink cartridge, bi-tonal nib everything fetched together methodically by hand to ensure the supreme writing experience.



  • Excellent writing experience
  • Nice to hold
  • Great value


  • Too small for large hands.

How to Choose Fountain Pen Nib?

The first thing should be considered before choosing a fountain pen is the characteristics of the pen nib. Four specific features are the most significant on nib while selecting fountain pen nib.

Nib tips variation

Two types of shapes are available to create two different types of the line; Round tip and Italic tip. Round tip creates identical, consistent lines that will write as smoothly as possible.

The tips of italic nibs are wide and flat referred to as stub or calligraphy tip. It creates broad vertical strokes and thin horizontal strokes which is great for calligraphy.

Nib tips size

Typically, four sizes of tips can find in round tip variation depends on the width; Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. And the italic nib sizes are using the conversion to 1.1 mm italic and 1.5 mm italic, mostly alike.

Nib flexibility

How long nib tines will spread when getting the force while writing measures the flexibility of nib. Sift nibs, Semi-flexible, and firm types of nibs are available these days.

Nib material

Usually, fountain pen’s nibs are made of Gold and Steel; mostly electroplated with other harder metals like iridium, osmium, and tungsten. Gold is a bit supple material than steel, hence ink tipping imperfections better than a steel nib.

The best choice for you

A number of factors of the fountain pen are well-thought-out for different individuals what is best for each. Distinctive line-width variation, flexibility will provide more personalized results.

If you are a go-to daily writer, a firm nib may be preferable.

How to use a fountain pen for the first time?

The fountain pen is such a writing gear that enhances your unique handwriting but it needs true practice and involvement.

Try to bring beginners fountain pens available in the market and follow the manufactures using instruction. Always use manufacturers’ acceptable fountain pen ink to refill the pen.

Some techniques can help you to make you feel that fountain pens are not hard to use as a learner which is –

First, balancing the pen in the right way and focus on your arms and shoulders while writing.

Place the pen middle of thumb and index finger to hold it properly. Write on paper at a right angle and tilt the pen 40 to 50-degree angle on your writing surface.

While the slit of the nib placed to write on the paper the metal side of the nib should be fronting up.

Maintain your fingers and hand stable, apply modest pressure on the paper, and write with your lower arm to stay regularity.

Draw the letters and lead your strokes to use a fountain pen. Clean your pen habitually and to prevent clogging store the nib facing up.

Practice will always help you to feel comfortable writing with a fountain pen.

Why Do we need a fountain pen in this digital world?

The perspective is writing properly connected to the Standards of Etiquette and Politeness. While handwritings are in threat of escalation the use of email and other electronic messaging types in communication, official trades even in education.

To sit at one’s table on a sunny morning, with four clear hours of uninterruptible security, plenty of nice white paper, and a [fountain] pen — that is true happiness.

Winston Churchill


Writer & Politician


However, today’s digital world fountain pen still exists, the reason is you can’t emulate the experience of writing with a fountain pen. It will make you more Recognizable as a standard tool of writing. It is a Lifestyle Statement which elevates to accessory status as a considered manner. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers even the Presidents have used them to acquire respectability.


Writing is more exclusive and personal probably be the reason that demand fountain pen, It Feels Better, makes you feel like a true gentleman or scholar. Writing something out by hand using a fountain pen is relaxing and affectionate – a letter, a thank you note, a journal entry, a page of copy work or sign your name is a uniquely pleasurable activity.


Another is improving your handwriting, it makes cursive handwriting look better. A fountain pen actually made writing slow and clear, reduce fatigue, the light touch, and smooth hand movements, allows a person to write longer. “The relationship we have with a fountain pen is changing from it being a working tool towards more of an accessory,” says Gordon Scott, vice-president for office products at Parker pens in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

How To Use A Fountain Pen?

Another is improving your handwriting, it makes cursive handwriting look better. A fountain pen actually made writing slow and clear, reduce fatigue, the light touch, and smooth hand movements, allows a person to write longer. “The relationship we have with a fountain pen is changing from it being a working tool towards more of an accessory,” says Gordon Scott, vice-president for office products at Parker pens in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


Keep your fingers and hand steady, apply moderate pressure on paper and write with your lower arm to remain consistent. Craft the letters and lead your strokes to use a fountain pen. Clean your pen often and store it the nib facing up to prevent clogging.

Why The Fountain Pen Is Better Than Ballpoint?

Artwork by John P. Weiss

Fountain pen increases potentiality, you may write smooth and comfortable for a long period. It produces less stress in fingers, no hand pressure like a ballpoint pen. Variety comes in fountain pen than a ballpoint. Fine, medium or broad nib and different body shapes, ink colors give many personal preferences. Disposable ballpoints produce waste whereas the fountain pen is Eco-friendlier. A well-maintained fountain pen is a good investment that lasts long and refilling ink will be less expensive than replacing many ballpoint pens.

What’s So Special About Fountain Pens?

It Leaks, It’s Analog, and I Love It.

John P. Weiss



The fountain pen is primarily popular for its effortless writing with minimal feathering. For many elite individuals, it’s a symbol of status that complements his expensive suit. But mostly its variety of customized width Nib makes it so special. Furthermore, you may create many effects on your stroke by just turning the nib different way. Conclusively, different shades and types of ink allow this to be more special.

Fountain Pen Mistakes All Beginners Make & How To Avoid Them

Why are fountain pens not allowed in airplanes?

This is not true. Fountain pens are allowed in airplanes. I have carried my parker fountain on flights across the US, Europe, and Asia. Never had a problem. There is no law banning flying with fountain pens. However, there can be issues with leakage of fountain pens.

Fountain pens leak at higher altitudes. Fountain pens are an air pressure sensor. As air pressure decreased in altitude the ink reservoir might expand and spurting ink.

Why Are Fountain Pens So Expensive?

The detailing of a fountain pen is nothing less than an art. Mostly the material, outer design, the engineering of writing type makes the pen exclusive. Moreover, precious metal Nib, leak-proof filling systems, and production costs make it more expensive.

Tips for Writing with Fountain Pens for Beginners
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Though people will wonder who is going to write with fountain pen in this era but writing with fountain pen now a days makes your writing out of the box. I always prefer writing love letters with fountain pen. I think every man should at least once write a letter with a fountain pen for whom he loved most.


Thank you so much