You know what is sexy? The conversation! And what is worthy? Conversation with yourself! Make a breath-taking evening before the sun goes down for the last time in 2018. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself. Find the purpose of your life. Set the rules to achieve the goals of your life. Make this year important and the next year significant.

1.      In 2019: Physically, mentally and emotionally I am ready to enter into a new phase in my life. I am ready to grow and get better. I am not going to let anybody stop me mentally and emotionally. I will only do things that are best for me.

2.   In 2019, I will be the CEO of my life. I will be the CEO of my life and only I will decide what will matter to me and what will not. I will be the decision maker of my life. I will take risks, I will make plans, set goals; daily goals, weekly goals; monthly goals and I will do the needful things to achieve them.

3.  In 2019, I will follow the 5/5 rules. Five by five rules, what it is? Well, if someone or something doesn't matter in the next five years, then I am not going to spend 5 minutes time thinking about it.

4.  Will forget what hurt me rather focus on the lessons. In 2019, I will move by the direction of my dreams. I will not let 2018 stop me by any means. I will forget the pain of 2018 because it happened. It made me stronger. I just want to focus on creating a new version of me.  

5.  In 2019, I will stay single. I will be in a relationship with my goals. I will be a workaholic for this one year- “My work is my life; my work is my wife.” I will not spend my time and energy into any other person but me. I will be in love with myself. I will take myself to date. I will do things that will make me happy. I will surprise me by achieving new goals and making myself better.

6.  In 2019, I will stay fit. I will build my dream body. I will go to the gym every single day. I will lift heavy weight. Besides, I will do 300 push-ups every single day which is 100,000 pushups in a year.

7.  In 2019, I will spend time with my family. I will take care of my mom and dad. I will do things to make them happy. I will celebrate their birthday. I will buy them new clothes.

8. 2019 will be the year of self-respect. Will not allow anyone to disrespect me not even myself. There will be a standard and which will be followed very strictly. Even if you are my close friend, there will be some limits for you as well.

9.  I will not spend money on things that I don't need. I will make a very clear list of things that I really need.  I will allocate a budget for them. I don't want to spend my hard-earned money on buying things that I don't need.

10. I will be very careful with my time. Time is limited and I should not waste it on pointless things. If something is not growing me or making me better, I will not spend my time on it.

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