How to take back your life when you are broken? Some people says they have lost everything, they have lost money, relationship, connections to their family, and their job, self respect. They feel like their whole life is falling apart in front of them. They scared and they feel lost like nobody's around to help.

However, today, we are going to tell you a very simple secret- “it's okay to fall.”

In this society, we have been told that we have to be perfect all the time. Do you know what this does to your mind, body and soul?

We start living with tremendous expectations to be somebody that we are not- that is why you feel broken. Because you are trying to be fixed, you are trying to be someone else. You are unbroken, even though you feel you are broken.

Many times we don't realize that we can rewrite our story at any time. You are only on chapter one, gentleman. Chapter one is looking pretty grim- but you can erase that and write chapter one again or you can wait for chapter two.

It's really in the hardest moment you learn the most about yourself. What are the some of the words you are saying? Some people say, ‘My life is a mess.” Do you know what that does to your subconscious mind ? It makes you live a very messy life. Most of your daily activities are going to be very messy,because you have said that- the word is now born.

So justify what you have just said through your daily actions and what you think is broken may just be a temporary state. This too shall pass.

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