Gentleman, it does not matter where life puts you, remember that there is always hope and that hope generates the power within you to rewrite your story. Are you going to write your story? How you are going to write your story? –By becoming a better man.

05:00 AM.

Successful people wake up early. If you want to have control over your day then you have to develop the habit of waking up early. Gentleman’s Thought suggests you develop the habit of waking up at 05.00 AM.

Treat Every Woman Like A Gentleman

The rules are very simple; be polite, open the door, say thank you, and compliment them. Doing these simple things can create a positive image about you in their mind. Help your female colleagues in work and always be nice to them.

Dress like a Gentleman

Don’t wear the same shirt every single day and don’t wear the same belt for the next five years, upgrade them. Investing in your style can make you a more attractive man in social interactions. Learn about style and don’t be afraid to buy some new clothes.

Spend time with your friends and family

Always make time for your friends and family and keep them close. Help your friends when needed and support them during their down moments. When they do the same thing for you, appreciate them.

Learn Anger Management

A gentleman never loses their cool easily. They know how to have control over their emotions and they handle every situation like this like a gentleman. They know well that every situation does not require their reactions. Learn to be calm and control your anger. This will make you a better man. 

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