Breakup is the end of the relationship between two person and it is very painful. It hurts a lot. Why ? Because you have invested a lot of time and emotions; and all of a sudden you have decided to move on from that person; or that person has decided to move on from you. It is terrible because your heart is involved. So, today we are going to discuss how to break up like a gentleman, and what are the things to keep in mind when breaking up with someone you love.

Say it to her face. If you want to exit, exit gracefully. Don't just block her from social media and tell her that now you don’t have time and energy to be in any sort of relationships- A gentleman never do that. Instead talk to her face to face, while talking look directly into her eyes and explain her that why you have to close this chapter. Don’t be rude or create a scene. Tell her that you had a great time with her and wish her good luck.

Don’t Spread bad words about her. A gentleman never says bad thing about a woman to any other person, he shows respect instead. If your friends ask about her, tell them that you had a great journey together, and every journey has an ending, so do yours. Now you both are happy with your life.

Don’t even try to talk to her after the break up. Gentleman, things to keep in mind that after the breakup, she is your ex and the story is over. So don't ever try to talk to her even if you are missing her, instead find some new hobbies, keep yourself busy.

Don’t beg her to stay if it is from her side. If she wants a breakup, give it to her nicely.  Let her go! Set her free! A gentleman never force things to happen. At Gentleman’s Thought, we believe that respect is more important than love. If she does not want to stay with you, then she is going to lose someone who really cares about her feelings but what about you, gentleman? You are going to lose someone who don’t even value you. Yes. It is that simple. Wash your face, drink a glass of water, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that “IT IS OVER!”

If I have to beg for it then I don't even want it.

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I was married to a Narcissist. we split up in January when i found out he had been cheating on me. he got angry with me because i found out. he owes me thousands of dollars and i am going to take him to small claims court for all the money he owes me to this day, he has convinced the girl he was having an affair with behind my back that i was his landlady and that our relationship was all in my head. i know his world will come tumbling down one day and i cant wait for… Read more »

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