Cardholder wallet is an ideal choice for organizing not only your business cards but also your bank cards and id cards. Any professional card holder is amazing to make you an organized person.


Even more, RFID protected wallet protects the card information from getting copied in any public places like subway, restaurants, buses, airports, etc.


If you want to show off your modern man style than this will help you to leave a great impression in front of your clients, friends, associates as well as entrepreneurs.

10 Best Business Card Holder Wallets

01. MaxGear Professional Metal Business Card Holder

Simple and fashionable sleek stainless-steel case that is ideal for professional and personal use. 3.7” L × 2.3” W × 0.3” H sized card holder will fit into any pocket, handbag, briefcase. It will store approximately 10 to 20 business cards, credit card, gift card and more.

The sleek look will help you to leave a great impression in front of your clients, friends, associates as well as entrepreneurs. Simple and classy, can give it to your friends as a gift and affordable so that everyone can buy this as well. Come with a lot of interesting colours which will make everyone happy.

02. Shevrov – Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet

Men’s minimalist design cardholder with great features. Shevrov – Wallet doesn’t match conventional ones, look makes you feel stylish and elegant. Premium quality RFID blocking interior lining protects you from digital theft.

Made with carbon fiber that can hold up to 12 cards and 9 bills. The fine aluminum finish gives it a raw edge look which makes it a classic wallet with a distressing trend. Added money clip makes it easy to carry money as a multitasker.

The elastic bands on each side further add to the compactness and can hold even 1 card firmly. This is a perfect option for people who prefer the minimalist and compact function.

03. Sunplus Trade Business Card Holder Case

Slim stylish Sunplus Trade business card holder Stain finish and polished mirror edge made with stainless still will give you an amazing impression. 3.7” L × 2.4” W × 0.28” H dimensioned case can keep all your cards like visiting, credit card and ID card. The great-looking, sleek and confident appearance will keep approximately 13 to 18 business cards and easy to pull.

An affordable product keeps your cards safe also fits in anywhere and a great choice for daily use. If you want a business card holder for you or gift your loved ones then definitely you can purchase this.

04. FAYEAH Business Card Holder

Fashionable comfortable and steady business card holder made with stainless steel and aluminum frosted material. The thumb drive business card holder is easy to operate, extremely elegant looking, easy to carry, available in 5 different colors and protects your cards in immaculate condition at the same time. Lightweight and adorable cardholder will take approximately 18 to 20 cards.

A great purchase for those who want to organize their life with some touch of elegance and as a great gift choice.  The super-affordable product looks good in your hand and in your pocket.

05. Al-Dee RFID Blocking Card Holder

Al-Dee RFID Blocking Card Holder can be used to carry business cards, credit cards, ID cards, and notes. It’s 3.6″ X 2.4″ X 0.4″, that holds about 20 business cards. The professional business-class wallet is soft-touch PU leather made. Its curved design is for comfortable wrist grip.

Usable features, great style and magnetic shut formula make it more elegant while opened and closed magnetically. The lightweight, steel holder protects your card from getting scratches inside.

06. Suez – Professional Business Card Holder

Professional design, unique matte finish, a professional business appearance that makes you feel elegant and a great choice to keep your cards in an immaculate condition. Suez – Professional Business Card Holder is fashionable can easily slip into your pocket, handbag, briefcase, etc.

The case dimension 3.7″L*2.3″W *0.3″H and lightly weighted 1.93OZ only, hence easy and comfortable to carry. Made with premium stainless steel and reliable durability can hold up to 20 cards at once. The buckle design is easy to open and scratch resistant lining protects your cards from scratches.

07. Protectif – RFID Blocking Card Case

Specially made for protecting cards from identity thieves, ProtectifRFID Blocking Card Case can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners. 

Compact, convenient and safe card case, a good accessory for your daily life, travel and business situation, vacations on public transportation or even overseas gives you peace of mind and an elegant look.

The pure metal shell of the wallet is made from stainless steel or copper from top manufacturer, that work like the protector. The easy click button is used for opening and closing, latches safely and securely when not in use.

08. WisdomPro – Business Card Holder

This product is made of premium and durable PU leather designed for multiple cards, like business cards, ID cards, credit cards and so on. This cardholder wallet Case and organizer with magnetic shut can hold up to 20 business cards and ensure the cards stay within the case completely protected. Ultra-slim, unique, novelty, perfect and lightweight case is ideal for businessmen, salesmen, promoters, office or travel and daily uses.

The unique leather output look will make your first impression outstanding in front of all your friends and colleagues. A must buy a piece for your loved ones.

09. GMFLY Business Card Holder Case

GMFLY Business Card Holder Case is a perfect purse size and classy looking case that makes you feel confident even just by pulling it out of your pocket and handling somebody a card. The leather cover, magnetic closure gives it an even more sleek and elegant look, easy to take out cards while meeting a customer.

The luxury PU leather and high-quality stainless steel materials boost a fashionable and useful look as well as make it sturdy, strong and long-lasting product. The leather automatically makes the fingerprint issue gone and keep the case clean. The high capacity can even carry thick cards in its thick card section.

10. UBAYMAX – Leather Business Card Holder

UBayMax is great for professionals, well-made case, high-quality PU leather, durable and tight stitching make sure that the cards are not able to break and fall apart.

Dimensions are 3.74″ L x 1.47″ W x 0.51″ H which is lightweight and great to fits perfectly in your front pocket. The strong built-in magnet shut formula closes the case tightly, multi-function card case can be used as a card holder, wallet, organizer and so on. It keeps your cards clean and interior soft lining provides more protection to your cards. 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Card Holder Wallets
things to consider before buying Card Holder Wallet


Strong, sleek and long-lasting business card case makes you confident while carrying and using it. An efficient cardholder is usable for all kinds of people. A must buy an item for those who want something to bring on their office and use this thing professionally.

card holder wallet

Make it your everyday companion for daily use. You can even gift cardholder wallet to your friends and family persons or customers as a gift. 

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