01. Give up the toxic people

It is impossible to be successful with the negative people around you. Change your circle and surround yourself with positive people.

02. Give up the need to be liked

No matter how good you are or what you do, there will always be people who won't approve. So never be afraid to do your best.

I have control over my life.

03. Give up the need to control everything.

You cannot control everything, accept it. And understand that some things are up to us, while most things are really not.

04. Give up the need to be perfect.

Perfectionism puts too much pressure on you. You are already good enough.

05. Give up on believing overnight success.

Success doesn't fall from the sky, you have to work for it.

06. Give up on the small play.

If you think small then you will never be able to achieve big. Stop thinking small and start thinking big.

07. Give up the unhealthy lifestyle.

To give up the unhealthy lifestyle, follow this rule-

Strong Food = Strong Body       

Strong Body = Strong Mind

Strong Mind = Strong Life

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. Always change your mind. If you don't change your mind you will get back to the person you used to be, you cannot be someone new.

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