1. Start Prioritizing Health.

Treat yourself the same way how you would treat a baby. Take care of your body. If he’s hungry, feed him. If he’s bored, take him to walk. If he’s happy, celebrate. If he’s anxious, get himself into something that keeps him busy. By prioritizing health means rescheduling your routine too you can bring some positive changes by accomplishing the basic things, for example, the first thing you do after getting up is to decide the three things to be thankful for, drinking a glass of water or making your bed etc. Oh and don’t forget to reward yourself for the little victories.

2. Start Reading Books

Books are known to be Man’s best friend they neither judge nor expect anything in return. Well, get yourself a nice book grab a cup of coffee relax and read. Educate yourself and explore the possibilities in life. It’s time to say goodbye to your old toxic thoughts and replace them with some new exciting ones.


3. Start Travelling

Well well well who doesn’t like traveling? We all love it especially us, the youth. Travelling helps in exploring places, people, food, culture etc. In order to find yourself, it’s not necessary that you go on an expensive trip across seas, you can rather find peace by walking yourself to the beach or by going on treks. After all, where there’s a will there’s a way!

4) Start Writing

You know the best way to get out of a heartbreak? It is to write! write it down, every single abuse, every single disappointment, every single thing that rages your anger, every heartbreak and then burn it. It feels good to let it out of your body, cleanse your soul. Write when you’re having a bad day or a good day. Store the memories. Write about all the good things that you received in the year and read it at the end of the year. Go through every page of your good and the bad days and you will find yourself outgrown from all of it. yay! you made it.

5. Start Listening to yourself

Believe in yourself ,trust your intuition and talk to yourself more often. Give yourself a nice nickname for eg lets say little John. Keep asking yourself questions like Is little John okay? Does it make him feel happy? Is he interested in doing it? What kind of vibes does little John get after interacting with certain people? Listen to all of them carefully and do accordingly. Take note on the vibes what your body accepts and get rid of everything that your body rejects. Notice what drains you out and helps you gain.


6. Start Watching Movies

Watch good movies - it’s been said that you become what you think feed your mind with positive thoughts. A good movie, documentary, talks may help to keep your mental health good.

7. Rediscovering Self

Rediscover - You need you more than anyone else in this world. You must spend time with yourself in order to know yourself better. Discover the new side of yours, new hobbies, know your strengths, weaknesses, taste this will lead you to the way of self-growth and you will start valuing yourself. The more you value yourself the less you settle for less.


8. Accept yourself

Forgiving self comes along with accepting yourself. You have to first accept the way you are and the things around you. Find comfort within your body and skin. Forgive yourself for all the things that you went through in the past. Start loving yourself. Live in the present and make best out of it

9. Sleep Well

Have a sound sleep – a good 8 hours of sleep can do wonders; your body too needs rest. Your body isn’t a machine it gets exhausted it does so much for you, in return, you must take care of it. Good sleep can charge you up for the day.

10. Make Your Family A Priority

Spend time with your family - make sure you spend time and appreciate their efforts. Your family is the best team you could ever have your entire life. You got one family make sure you love them right.

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