1. Button-Down Shirt

A man should have a button-down shirt. As it is a timeless classic style statement. Choose the best suitable brand for you. and add it to your wardrobe.

2. Henley Neck Tee shirt

A modern man should grab it. As it gives a casual & classy look to you. Neutral color should be preferable.

3. Navy Blue Blazer  

Navy blue is a dynamic color so you can team up with all your outfits …for office, party, outdoors. It makes you a fab!

4. Set of Chinos

A set of basic color chinos like blue, cream, khaki & black gives you comfort, style, and uniqueness.

5. Leather Belt & Wallet

It is a must-have accessories item a modern man should own. This priceless item makes you valuable …also!

6. Cologne

You have to smell good, apart from expensive perfume& deodorant. We can choose a light smelling cologne. It gives you an all-day fresh feeling.

7. Smart Watch

A smartwatch gives you an irritable look. On the other hand, it is classy, unique and makes you different from the rest.


8. White Sneakers

Pair of the white sneaker is essential & basic as it satisfies all the needs. you can easily team up with your all outfits.

9. Book – My Dream Job by Mariano di VAIO

A modern man should own it. This is a biography of MDV addressed to the young generation from zero to hero success story admire you, motivate you in your life

10. Parker Pen

Your signature matters! So do it with only Parker! A pen in need a pen indeed!

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